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Sunday School: Attachment in Romantic Relationships
In this class, Katie Bonanno teaches how important attachment is for adults and the types of attachment styles that exist. She will also explore the basis for these different attachment styles and how to help a partner that is exhibiting these types of attachment in a relationship. It's common knowledge that children's attachment to their parents is important and imperative for healthy growth and development. Most people don't think much about attachment as adults, but they should. This class explains why.

About the Speaker:

Katie Bonanno is a master's level educated relationship expert and coach for committed couples struggling to lose the struggle in their relationship. She takes a more personal and intuitive approach to guiding couples through the issues that are holding them back while teaching them valuable tools for effortless communication and connection. Katie helps couples to not only improve their relationship as a whole but shows partners how to support and improve each other in the relationship as well. Her company, Heart-Centered Adventures, helps couples to connect and re-kindle their connection through not-your-ordinary relationship building.


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