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Sunday School: Connecting with the Natural World

In this class, Maia Toll hosts a discussion about the natural world and the role it plays in awakening your intuition. One of the greatest gifts of working with the natural world is realizing that you are not alone. You're surrounded by a world that whispers advice and offers direction. But, how do you learn to decipher the words of nature? Maia explains that understanding how you receive information, as well as knowing which archetypes and elements animate your outer world and invigorate your soul, will unlock a world of connectivity. Bring a journal or sketchbook to this illuminating, experiential class.

About the Speaker:
Award-winning writer Maia Toll has been many things— a horseback riding teacher, a clinical herbalist, and (oddly) a university professor— but by far her favorite title is author. Her best-selling Wild Wisdom series (The Illustrated Herbiary, The Illustrated Bestiary, & The Illustrated Crystallary) offers a glimpse into the knowings of the natural world and the wilds within ourselves. Maia contemplated these insights during her yearlong apprenticeship to a traditional healer in Ireland. Though apprenticeship sounds terribly romantic, it was most often lonely, leaving Maia plenty of time to listen to the ravens, roses, and rocks. She quickly learned that the world was a whole lot bigger than her human-centric upbringing had led her to believe. When not obsessively reading books and “talking” to trees, stones, and her two dogs, Maia drinks copious amounts of tea and helps run Herbiary, a multi-city natural wellness and sacred living store she owns with her partner Andrew. She teaches and blogs to an international following at where she constantly reminds people that using critical thinking skills and talking to flowers are not mutually exclusive activities.
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