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Sunday School: Labor Day Weekend - No Class!

For this class, we leaned into the Divine Feminine flow to honor ourselves and our hard work by taking a break for Labor Day weekend. We encourage you to do the same! 

If you're still craving the need for some Sunday School style spiritual work, here is an optional extra credit independent study assignment to engage your mind and spirit.

Extra Credit: Spend the morning doing a bit of reflecting on what it means to you to take a break. What stories come up for you around allowing yourself a pause? What telltale signs indicate you could use a break? What sort of rest and reprieve structure do you incorporate into your daily life and workflow? What's your favorite form of self-care? How could you integrate rest into your day today?

Feel free to share your responses with us on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, this is also a great time to get caught up on past podcasts you might have missed.


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