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Sunday School : Make Peace with Food

In this class, Jennifer Hnat joins Sunday School to talk about making peace with food. Mindful eating is paying attention to how, when, what, and why you do what you do with food without judgment or criticism.  Intuitive eating is a process of reconnecting to your personal belly wisdom to properly guide the way you nourish your body while deleting diet “wellness” culture.  Combining the two eating insights can help you make peace with food and your body to create sustainable and intentional living habits that align with your ultimate goals.

About the Speaker:

Jennifer Hnat is a registered dietitian nutritionist who practices an integrative and functional “whole person” approach to nutrition, health, and healing. Jennifer's passion for health and optimal nutrition began in high school when she recognized the solid connection between food, mood, and energy. Her philosophy is part Hippocrates, part Michael Pollan: 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' paired with 'Eat real food.' Not too much. Mostly plants. But she also loves good champagne and cupcakes... so it’s all about balance! You can learn more about Jennifer and her work at https://www.nutritionatlanta.com/.

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