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August 2019 Tarotscopes

Written by Curtis Bryant 

Here's what's up this Leo season: 

August 2019 Lovescopes 

#Leo: August will be a reminder that old ways of thinking and navigating love and romance no longer work in your favor. It would be a great time to take everything you think you know about love and try something different. Take chances and be brave as you end your #hotgirlsummer / #hotboysummer on a good note. Passion is on the other side of your hesitation. 

#Virgo: Relationships quickly can have us performing a certain role. We perform in the way in which we think will maintain a healthy bond yet we suffer trying to be something we’re not. No matter how you identify, the month of August encourages you to tap into your femininity. Femininity looks different to us all but in the month ahead it is super important to find out what your personal definition is. We are all built by both masculine and feminine energy. One is not more important than the other.  Vulnerability places you in the beautiful in-between. It is in vulnerability, where some of the most beautiful parts of people exist. In vulnerability, we don’t just speak of our strengths, but we honor our fears. If coupled, be honest with your partner about what you may be in the need of at the moment. Be clear about your love language. If you don’t know your love language, please make time to take the simple quiz on Google. For all my single Virgos, I encourage you to let God take charge of your love life this month. Your methodical way of thinking, could be getting in the way of the type of love you really deserve and desire. Your search for perfection, will have you overlooking some amazing people. 

#Libra: Say it with me Libra “I am allowed to be happy.” I want you to repeat that to yourself about 3 times in a row right now. And if you feel called to do so please repeat it everyday. My coupled Libra’s, whether married or actively dating are feeling the butterflies. Love does that. It makes you feel mushy and wanting more. Don’t be afraid to want more of the special person in your life right now. Be romantic this month. Your favorite romantic comedies will be great inspiration. If single, you are surrounded by big love and romance energy at the moment. People want access to you and of course only a few truly deserve it. With discernment by your side use August as a month of consistent and healthy dating. Dating is a risk, but healthy dating reaps great reward. I say that because you may be already thinking about the possibility of wasted time or money. No dates inside the house Libra. Go Outside! 

#Scorpio: Feisty! Feisty! Your love life will either thrive or suffer based on how many breaths you take this month Scorpio. For my coupled Scorpios, when something is bothering you speak about it in the moment. Do not wait weeks or for another month to speak on it. We want you always speaking from a place of love and I would hate for you to say something you don’t really mean. For all my single Scorpios, please use your recently found confidence as gas to go after your crush this month. You already exude such magnetizing energy. You might as well use it to gain the perfect cuddle buddy. 

#Sagittarius: In the month of August your love life is connected to gratitude. Whether coupled or single you are feeling such peace in your situation. You may have also been living in a mindset of disbelief. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been on a date in a year or if you and your boo have just made 2 years together. It may be hard to believe you’re in a season of success because of how your heart has been damaged in the past. You have done a lot of work on yourself and because of that, you will continue to see much continued success, not only in your love life but in the others areas of your life, too. Notice opportunities and grab and hold of what belongs to you. 

#Capricorn: August seems to be a very fruitful month for you Capricorn. Things are coming into alignment and the spotlight will be on you. With that spotlight comes a lot of attention. Pull out your discernment and be sure to only engage with those who honestly deserve your time and energy. I know these are lovescopes, but your discernment surpasses your love life this month. This could be family, friends, and even some co-workers. Spotlight is also known to bring envy. Don’t let the fear of being hated by others stop your shine. You’ve worked very hard. With that being said, watch out for the return of exes. Though I do believe being cordial with your exes is a great thing. Check intentions at the door. 

#Aquarius: Do not let a lack mentality stop you from being the amazing lover you are. I’ve never personally dated an Aquarius before, but I’ve heard that you all make really beautiful partners. And I can see it. Your ability to listen and work hard is very attractive. You also have a big imagination most wouldn’t know about. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have this month. Put all of your energy and focus towards what you do have. Giving yourself more credit, without reaching a place of ego will be super beneficial in your love life this month. Whether coupled or single, be authentic in every space and situation you enter. 

#Pisces: From overextend to boundaries is the Pisces motto this month when it comes to love and romance. Pisces love hard and we will give all ourselves in a relationship. And an honest Pisces will let you know most of the time we will suffer because of it. This month my fellow Pisces, please pour into who pours into you. Nothing more and nothing less. I’m not saying don’t be yourself, but be yourself fully for those are true deserving. Just like Capricorns, discernment will be super important. As a sensitive water sign this doesn’t mean walk around with a cross up. But instead, look at people’s actions instead of their words more than ever. AND! If you are a Pisces who has chosen the life of fuckboy or fuckgirl it’s time to let that go. You don’t have to become like the people who have once hurt you. 

#Aries: Whether coupled or single, your love life is getting ready to be taken to new heights. You are clear about what you’re looking for and are determined to have it. Being the proactive sign that you are, you will definitely reach any desired goal regarding your heart at this time. If coupled, you may have had the big conversations surrounding thoughts of marriage, children, and even moving together. Be intentional together and watch things unfold in great alignment. If single, take the confidence you have been feeling recently and make it known on first dates. Waste time on trend and it will never be. 

#Taurus: Big changes are occurring in your love life this month for sure. You’re either finally walking away from that toxic situation or finally admitting that a healthy relationship is what you want. August will prove there is no better time than to present. What's stopping you from walking away or stepping up? Be honest with yourself in private and take inventory of how those thoughts or generational cursed behaviors hold you back. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you're deserving of good love. 

#Gemini: August works as a month of deep connection and healthy relationships for you. Pay attention to those who you come in contact with. Your heart could flutter at any given moment. Be present in your interactions and don’t ignore the signs. If the feeling is mutual, don’t be shy and suggest a date. For those Gemini’s who aren’t shy you may meet someone this month who matches your passionate energy. How do you like it when the tables are turned on you? Fall in and let someone else take the lead for once. 

#Cancer: As your birthday season ends, you probably have come into a lot of enlightenment. I love the clarity that birthdays conjure. Birthdays not only encourage us to take an overview of ourselves but the others in your lives. Coupled Cancers may be feeling really happy in their relationship this month. This may be a space which took some time to get to, but now that you’re here motivate yourself and your partner to keep it up. If single, I would actually encourage you to use this month as a month of self love. If you can, try a month of no dating. Take yourself to dinner as often as you would like. The same way couple Cancers have fought for the current peace they have in their relationships, you have also fought for it in your singleness. Honor your growth and the moment you are in right now. 


Learn about Curtis Bryant: Curtis began honoring his gift as an Angel card reader, only 2 years ago, but in this short but ever-evolving journey, he has been honored to be used as a vessel and messenger to help everyone he conducts a reading with.

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