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Book Signing: The Illustrated Bestiary with Maia Toll | November 24
Maia Toll, respected author and spiritual wellness guide, stops by on November 24th to host Sunday School.
After class, she's sticking around from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM to sign copies of her new book, The Illustrated Bestiary.
People across cultures and through the centuries have felt a spiritual, symbolic connection to animals. In The Illustrated Bestiary, Maia Toll turns the insight and wisdom that birthed The Illustrated Herbiary — her best-selling volume on the mystical power of plants — to the animal kingdom. Through profiles highlighting 36 animals’ most meaningful traits, Toll explores how those qualities can illuminate our habits, guide our intentions, and inform our actions.
Pre-order a copy of this insightful book today to secure your spot to meet Maia and get your book signed here.
Maia's best-selling book The Illustrated Herbiary (Special Edition Box Set with Oracle Cards) is also available for pre-order here.
If you're unable to make it on November 24th from 12 PM- 1 PM, let us know and we can get Maia to sign your copy to be picked up at the Atlanta shop at your convenience.
About the Author:
During a life-changing year apprenticed to a traditional medicine woman in Ireland, Maia Toll learned healing craft working with both humans and animals on a local organic farm. She helps women cultivate personal spirituality through a connection with the rhythms of nature in her online programs, The Medicine Keepers Collective and Witch Camp. She is the founder and owner of Herbiary, a natural products store with locations in Asheville, North Carolina, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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