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Brown Bō’hēmians Book Signing | Feb 23

The Bohemian Brand Powerhouses, Morgan Ashely and Vanessa Coore Vernon will be ritualizing the release of their new book, Brown Bō’hēmians with a Book Signing at Modern Mystic Shop.

Brown Bō’hēmians captures the essence and voice of an underrepresented demographic: creative people of color. Influenced by a deeply held belief that stories sculpt our collective narrative, a group of authors and artists came together to create this first-of-its-kind collection.

Inspired by their unique tastes and experiences in fashion, lifestyle, and art, Brown Bō’hēmians brings a vital and virtual movement, born on social media, to life and into print. Created to recognize and elevate the underrepresented and the undervalued, Brown Bō’hēmians is food for the creative spirit that most needs it: you.

Come celebrate this amazing debut on February 23rd from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM with music, food, drinks, and lots of love!

Pre-order a copy of this important book today to secure your spot to meet Morgan Ashley and Vanessa Coore Vernon and get your book signed here

If you're unable to make it on February 23rd, just let us know and we can get them to sign your copy that can to be picked up at the Atlanta shop at your convenience.

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