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December Tarotscopes

Sagittarius theme card for the year: 4 of Wands

This is the year to celebrate Sag! On the new moon of every month make a nice long list of your milestones and accomplishments, then make sure to publically celebrate yourself. It’s not time to be shy! Instead ritualize your achievements through a toast, post, or boast! You’ll have a lot to commemorate this year and plenty of people who would like to recognize you for all you do. 

Sagittarius - Mind your tongue this month, Sagittarius. Sometimes your truth-telling can do more harm than good. It’s not your job to rip off other people’s masks. Instead, get centered in your deep, strong heart and deliver your feedback from that mature place of true resonance.    

Capricorn - Your victory comes from meditation and contemplation this month, which is hard for your nature that likes to push through. However, making a priority of those soft, still, moments creates an opening for new opportunities. This month it’s not about how much you do, but how still you can be.  

Aquarius - This month might start out a little wonky, Aquarius. You might feel emotionally and physically spent, but this is not telling of the entire month ahead. As you continue to move forward you’ll start seeing a glimpse of sunnier days. By the month’s end you’ll be feeling accomplished, positive, and ready to take on the New Year. You are unstoppable when you’re fully yourself. 

Pisces - This month has you feeling emotionally filled to the brim! Collaborations and connections with loved ones will be plentiful and these personal relationships will help you get closer to accomplishing one of your dreams. However, there may be some interference that causes some turbulence on your path to your personal utopia. Use these as signposts and adjust your route accordingly. 

Aries - You are certainly the ruler of your domain this month, Aries - a true “King of the castle” so to speak. As this ruler, you get to choose how it is you’re going to lead. Will you use brute force to get your way, leaving people in your wake? Or like your Sagittarius friends this month, will you be challenged to use patience, kindness, and heart? I know you aim to be in integrity, so be aware of any tendency to push your way through. 

Taurus - Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aries have a lot in common this month. As the other signs are working with patience and compassion with others, you dear Taurus are working on using those qualities towards yourself. If a conflict arises this month or you feel like a victim of circumstance, you must be kind and gentle to yourself knowing that it will pass. You have the strength to weather any storm as long as you treat yourself like you would treat a friend in the same situation.

Gemini - Your spiritual practice and discipline are really paying off this month, Gemini! You might see financial rewards and opportunities, or you just might feel like a million bucks! Whatever structure you’ve created for yourself is working. If you haven’t made those self-care routines, now’s the time to commit to the practices you know will fill up your tank. The amount of practice you do this month is directly correlated to financial and work success, so more is more!  

Cancer - This is the month to take action on any lingering creative projects that have been waiting in the wings. Allow yourself plenty of time to get into a flow state and allow the creativity to literally channel through you. Take note of what inspires you and use this information to fuel your fire. It will be exciting to see what you put into motion when you get to work.

Leo - There might be some turbulence when it comes to deep, long term relationships this month. Your initial reaction might be to roar right back at the offender but make sure you don’t say or do something you’ll regret later. The truth of the matter is that this person means a lot to you and isn’t going anywhere, so try to bring grace when it comes to conflict with a kindred spirit. This will blow over and you’ll want to keep this partnership intact. 

Virgo -   It might come to you in meditation or a dream that someone in your life is being dishonest when it comes to money or business. Don’t shake off these shady feelings. Trust yourself and make whatever adjustments or changes you need to protect your assets. Not everyone is as virtuous as you are. 

Libra - Your intuition is speaking loudly guiding you to your next steps, but there’s so much commotion in your mind you cannot hear her. This month do you best to clear your head so you can see the vision before you. The confusion is an illusion, so allow yourself enough quiet time to hear her calling you forward.  

Scorpio - All of this family time during the holidays is exhausting and may pull up some sibling rivalry or your competitive nature. When you feel old patterns surfacing, just remember where you are today. The truth is, you’ve achieved your dream life or are on the way to doing so. Leave the old stuff in the past and focus on the incredible future you’re creating.

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