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February Tarotscopes

Happy solar return to our Aquarian superstars! To keep in my tradition I pulled a card to represent the energy for the year and then a second card for your monthly tarot forecast. 

Aquarius - This is the year to dive deep into your purpose. The Judgement card indicates you’re primed to create your living legacy full of integrity and impact. Your choices this year will be big ones that echo into the future, so use your head and your heart to create the highest path for you and those in your sphere of influence. As you rise this year, so will all those who come into contact with your mission. You’ve done a lot of healing work to get to this point, now you’re free and clear to create beyond the patterns of your past.   

This month the most nurturing thing you can do for yourself is to find the stillness within. Be it yoga, meditation, or mantra, your daily practice will reap huge rewards as you’re priming your system to be able to handle the expansion coming through the rest of the year. If sitting still isn’t your thing, make the mundane tasks of taking care of yourself a ritual. Bless your food as you make it, fold your clothes with extra attention, or take a few extra moments to enjoy a hot shower. It’s important to train yourself to calm your mind and release anxiety so you can continue to move forward towards your mission with grace and ease. 

Pisces - Brace yourself for some abrupt change before your personal solar return. There have been needed changes you’ve been avoiding and the Universe has decided enough’s enough and it’s time to make your move. This month surrender to the changing tides and allow them to take you to the next stage. Beyond the resistance are harmony, peace, and union beyond your wildest imagination. Fish are known to swim with the flow, so definitely use that tendency in your favor. When you come up for air, your surroundings might be different but in the best possible ways. 

Aries - You’ve been digging in, working hard, and are finally beginning to see the fruits of your labor. These first indicators of momentum are not the final outcome, just signs that your efforts have been placed in the right direction and you should continue the same level of intensity and hands-on effort. If the load is getting a bit too heavy, now is a good time to lean on your team. If you don’t have a team to help, consider hiring the help that will get you to the next level. You do not lack stamina, Aries. Use your relentlessness to your benefit as you continue to make strides.

Taurus - As your Aries friends are making external strides this month, Taurus you will be doing the internal work to create the breakthroughs you desire. Just like the advice for Aquarius this month, it’s imperative to create a practice that stills your mind and creates inner harmony. February is going to plunge you into the depths of your psyche. At times you might feel like it’s a little too deep, but if you can train your mind to keep with the current instead of charging for the surface you’ll find the gems you seek within the depth of yourself. Trust your intuition whether it speaks to you most strongly through your mind, body, or spirit. 

Gemini - You might feel super anxious this month if your creativity and pragmatic mind find themselves at odds. Each side is trying to convince you that their way is best. Having a split mind is no strange occurrence for you, Gemini. The antidote is to acknowledge that both aspects are not just valid, but needed for your fullest expression. The more you can roll with the blessings the duality has to offer, the more harmonious and at peace you will find yourself.

Cancer - Usually Cancers are masters of emotions, but this month you might find yourself unable to trust your feelings. That lack of trust is actually a good thing. It’s time to make a massive change in your life and in this case, your feelings cannot lead this transformation. Your spirit has to take the wheel and take ruthless inventory about what needs to be cut out of your life in order for you to feel more connected to yourself and the world surrounding you. Take stock. If something in your life doesn’t add energy, it’s gotta go for good. It might not be easy, but it will be rewarding.

Leo - Are you feeling like a cowardly lion? You’ve been in a so/so situation a little too long and this month it’s time to gain the courage to take even a small step towards what’s next. The tricky thing is that your situation isn’t terrible. In fact, it might even be mostly working for you. But is it the most ideal scenario? The cards would say your intuition can lead you to something even better. So take a few steps into the darkness and see how the path illuminates before you.

Virgo - Virgos are making money moves this month! Look at you being all prosperous! Now that you’re stable the next lesson is to be able to stay in that feeling even as the physical wealth might ebb and flow. Keep your heart open and know that you always have a sense of home and abundance within you no matter the outside circumstances. Also, if you’re in the mood to spend some of that cash, purchase things of high quality that make you feel regal.

Libra - Good work, Libra. Due to your hard work you’ve been able to gain an elevated perspective which allows you to envision the bright future ahead. This month you might be asked to evaluate which path is next for you. When mulling this over, consider which direction makes you feel most grounded, nurtured, and cared for. These are the priorities that will set you up for success in the next phase.

Scorpio - You still might be recovering from 2019 and that’s ok. Prioritize whatever steps you need to take to recalibrate your energy to get balanced. This month is also a good time to make strategic steps regarding how to increase your income or personal profitability. Evaluate opportunities, seek out the proper partners, or even double-check your budget -- but start planning for your future wealth.

Sagittarius - When you reflect on your current state or status it’s a bit of a conundrum. You’ve obviously come a long way and have pride in that, but there’s an undertone of grief or sadness upon reflection. It feels like 2019 required a lot of emotional labor that kept you from achieving all you had hoped in the physical world. Don’t worry! You haven’t lost any time. In fact, this is the month to switch into manifestation mode. Things will be magnetizing towards you faster than ever making up for any sense of “lost” time.

Capricorn - You have the fortitude to handle any nagging ailments or nuisances that pop up this month (which they might). Don’t let them slow your roll, just keep on trucking because you’ll be picking up momentum in all areas of life. The emotional strength you’ve been building through the years will come in handy as you navigate your upcoming success.

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