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July Tarotscopes by Kelley Knight

Cancer - Happy solar return Cancer babies! You’ve made another orbit around the sun and from the look of things this month your personal new year starts with a bang. You’re planting some very profitable seeds now that will bear some serious fruit in the next 10-12 months. The lesson here is to nurture these seeds with a lot of care and patience. Embrace the down to earth hard work it takes to manifest what you’d like to achieve in the physical world. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and focus on the tangible steps that get you where you ultimately want to go. Just be sure to be your humble self once you get there!

Leo - Are you finding it hard to keep things moving, Leo? It seems like you might be stuck when it comes to seeing the next step and seizing it. I know you’re super smart, but don’t let your rational mind hijack your path to victory. This month if it doesn’t feel like a “hell yes!” then it’s a no. As much as it may drive you crazy, right now it’s better to be idle than to charge forward with an idea that just isn’t right. On the other hand, if you’re really feeling it act swiftly and don’t look back!

Virgo - You’re on the opposite side of our Leo friends this month, Virgo. Your calm, rational mind is going to help keep you out of trouble if you can keep your head on straight. If deep, old patterns start to creep in, nip them in the bud ASAP especially if you start slipping back into old “ego trips” and spending sprees. Remember, mind over matter really can disrupt a pattern so have your favorite mantra on hand to slay those dragons.

Libra - It’s good to be a Libra this month! July is going to be overflowing with connection with friends and family in a really balanced way. If any clouds of doubt roll in just let them pass through because it’s your time to celebrate the awesome life you’ve created. Is there something special you’ve been wanting to do for yourself? It’s a good month to dip into that nest egg and treat yourself! You might want to call up some of your Gemini friends, they’re feeling super social this month, too.   

Scorpio - I know how you Scorpios prefer to be in control (from a fellow Scorpio), but this month is about letting loose and seeing where your passions and creativity lead you. This month remember you’re not a human doing, you’re a human being. So practice moving slowly, spend quiet time with yourself, and connect deeply with your intuition. It might feel like you’re not being your usual productive self, but you’re laying a strong foundation for the next level of whatever’s to come.

Sagittarius - Man Sagittarius, it feels like you’ve been through some major upheaval and reinvention lately. Although times may have been tough, they’ve helped you crack your heart wide open in a good way. Use this month to stabilize and process any leftover emotions that might be lingering. This hard cycle is almost complete and when you start anew, you will literally be a brand new you.

Capricorn - Capricorn, you might be vibing with some Scorpios this month because you’ve pulled the same first two cards in this reading! You too are being challenged to release your need to control and replace it with spontaneity. You might be tempted to hold things tightly because of past betrayals or heartbreak, but the road is forked ahead. One is a safe path where you remain in control. The other feels like a risk. Take the risky road, because it’s really just an adventure and you could use a big dose of adventure right about now. 

Aquarius - You’ve been taking on a little more than you can juggle, Aquarius, and it’s keeping you from really enjoying the fruits of your hard work. This month, take some time to go inward and start to integrate the experiences you’ve had as of late. Reflect and acknowledge all you’ve accomplished and take inventory of what you’d like to do next. Keep your heart open and be willing to receive because there are more wonderful things to come.     

Pisces - You sweet little fishes are in for a lot of love this Cancer season. Whether a new lover has entered your life making your heart flutter, or you're stoking the flames with your one and only this month is about L-O-V-E and partnership. If this isn’t ringing true on a romantic level, partnerships in work, friendships, or family are going to be strong and in sync with an extra dose of playfulness and enthusiasm. Damn, don’t we all wish we were Pisces this month! 

Aries - This is a huge month for you, Aries. The culmination of a major cycle is upon you and this phase has left you feeling content and complete. Not many people get to this point, so be really proud of yourself. This month it’s very important to weigh out your next steps carefully as they will have a long term impact. Don’t make choices out of emotion, look at the entire picture and make sure you employ your rational mind. With every big move and new phase, some voices of doubt and sabotage can enter the picture. Don’t let the petty voices of the past influence your future. Your future is here now for the taking, all you have to do is reach out and grab it. 

Taurus - It’s go time, Taurus! You’re in the final miles of a marathon, your body is cramping and you don’t think you can make it to the end. This is your reminder that you’ve come so far and you’re almost at the finish line where all of your dreams await you. You’ve got to remember why you got into this race in the first place, and literally call on a higher power to help you cross that line. Whatever journey you’ve been on has been a huge time of maturation and growth. So you have the skills, determination, and power to see through what you may have quit in the past. Go, Taurus, go!

Gemini - Hi, Gemini! Aren’t you feeling grand!? This month the world is your oyster and anything is possible so keep your thoughts high vibe and super positive. It’s the perfect month to connect with kindred spirits and make new friendships. Keep a balance between putting yourself out there socially and having enough alone time that you don’t go crazy. But with an open heart and a positive mindset, this month should be easy breezy. 

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