May 2019 Tarotscopes

May 2019 Tarotscopes

With Team Modern Mystic

Written by Curtis Bryant 

#Taurus: It’s your season, Taurus! With it being your birthday season, you have so much on your mind. Honor your mental health this month and stop playing the victim. Life is not trying to destroy you before it builds you. You are blossoming as we speak. I don’t care what a parent, an old teacher, a mean old friend or an ex said. They lied. Are you gonna live as a lie? Or as the beautiful truth that you truly are?

#Gemini: Are you gonna hate me if I suggest one more month of hibernation? I don’t normally say this but isolation is God’s protection. Heal and heal some more. And when you come out to play, the same opportunities, blessings, and love will be waiting for you. You won’t be missing a damn thing. FOMO who?

#Cancer: Wow! What a beautiful month ahead Cancer. Things are finally making sense and most importantly, you have physical and tangible proof to back it up. Congratulations! As you elevate in the month ahead, there will be a big focus around family. Check up on and spend as much time with the ones you love. Not only, does it just feel good, it’s also going to keep you grounded and keep you in full focus. Keep your eyes on the prize, Cancer.

#Leo: Money! The month of May has a big focus on your coin. Save, budget and sit your ass down. Know that saving, budgeting and choosing to eat-in instead is not punishment, but preparation. You have big plans and investing in yourself now, will eliminate stress when it comes time to bring things to life.

#Virgo: If I had to describe this month in one word, I would use the word “Homecoming”. If you’ve seen the queen’s documentary already, you related to the dedication Beyonce showed us all. The past couple of months, you have been creating in silence and now it’s time to share it with the world. Whether you have an actual project to share or you’ve been working on yourself again, it is time to share it with the world. It’s ready, you’re ready and the world is ready. 

#Libra: My Libra’s are looking to be inspired this month. Whether it’s by a partner, a job, or a project, you are looking for something to spark your joy. BUT In order to be inspired this month Libra, you will have to be around inspiring people or places. So, if you’ve been waiting for inspiration to find you, in your bedroom, you are sadly mistaken. Try your best to be social this month. You never know who or what will catch your eye.

#Scorpio: (Virtual Hug) It may have felt like, a really trying time for you recently and you’re ready for a new start. May totally has the ability to be that month for you but only if you want it to be. The only way to make this happen is if you stop playing the helpless role Scorpio. You have everything you need right at this very moment, so it’s time to act like it. If you are being honest, how you feel about yourself (good or bad) it’s based on how others see you. This month, take back your power and create a new narrative. Become the storyteller of your life again.

#Sagittarius: May brings flowers and love? If you have a first date coming up, showing up with flowers is a great idea. Confident Sag, yes you like to treat yourself, but May is a great month to showcase your romantic side. Remember, romance has the ability to look different for everyone. So be romantic, in your own way. If you aren’t sure where to begin, ask your partner or the person you’re crushing on, what their love language is. It will help a lot. Thank me later.

#Capricorn: This month, looks to be a very revealing month. You have a lot of questions and May will bring the answers. Whether concerning your job, your family or your love life, you are ready for it all to make sense. In order, for it to make sense, you will need to let go of control Capricorn. This may be hard for some of you but control blocks divine order. And you don’t want that now do you?

#Aquarius: Teamwork makes the dream work this month Aquarius. And although a lot of personal changes are currently underway, God is still calling you to be a leader. People want to hear what you have to say. Your words hold weight more than ever right now. What will you say? Have you ever given advice to a friend and the advice you are providing is exactly what you need to hear yourself? This month will be full of these types of moments. Listen Up!

#Pisces: Slow and steady wins the race, Pisces. What’s the rush? If your answer is fear, sit down and take a break to regroup. A centered Pisces, is the best kind of Pisces, especially when you’re too often known for being all over the place. Who cares what people think, but this month show people what self-control really looks like.

#Aries: Leaving the month of April, you now have a better understanding of your next steps. You’re not taking this clarity as a joke either and will be using the month of May as a month of action. Though you will be extremely confident and inspired this month, your past may try and tag along. Whether that past is a person or an old mentality, spend the first few days of the month planning. It’s through planning that distractions loose power. You’re in power, so act like it.

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