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Meeting Conflict with Courage: An In-depth Communication Workshop | Feb 9

If you struggle with confrontations, lack boundaries, and constantly avoid difficult conversations, this workshop is for you!

Adela goes deeper into having courageous conversations. She shares techniques that will change your perception of conflict. She explains clearly how to stop avoiding conflict and become a more effective, empowered communicator. 

Bonus: If you need help with a specific conversation, bring it to the workshop, and Adela can help you sort it out!

Adela facilitates group work, corporate teams and a variety of workshops- this will be the first one offered to the Modern Mystic Community.

Sign up here.

Date: Sunday, February 9th

Time: 1:00 pm EST

Price: $40

Location: Meet at Modern Mystic Shop and then the group will be escorted to the Modern Mystic Shop HQ in the Industrious offices on the same floor.

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