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New Moon Intentions Based on Zodiac for April 2020

Hello mystics! This new moon in Taurus in upon us is the perfect time to plant those earthy seeds that will grow over the moon cycle. I've pulled tarot cards for each zodiac sign to inform a powerful new moon intention for this moon cycle starting with our birthday babes, Taurus.

Taurus - 5 of Swords + Father of Cups

I release my inner conflict, step into heart-centered leadership, and serve those around me with dignity and grace.

Gemini - 8 of Swords + 7 of Cups + King of Pentacles

I expand my vision to see the bigger picture and make the most of the positive opportunities that present themselves. 

Cancer - 10 of Cups

I allow myself to emotionally connect with loved ones and feel the love and support that surrounds me no matter what the circumstances. 

Leo - Knight of Wands

I dive into creative passions and play, indulging in each moment and following my inner spark.

Virgo - 5 of Cups

I accept and express all emotions without judgment and commit to a good cry whenever necessary.  

Libra - 10 of Swords + 3 of Wands

I release the old stories that keep me in the past and fully move towards my vision for the future. 

Scorpio - Page of Wands

I unapologetically escape into flights of fancy and the limitless world of my imagination. 

Sagittarius - Two of Cups

I pursue meaningful connections with those who fill my cup and also trust myself to be my own best friend.

Capricorn - Father of Pentacles 

I am stable and provided for and I'm a model of stability for those for whom it comes less naturally. 

Aquarius - The Tower + The High Priestess

I see the beauty in the breakdown and know my intuition will always be my solid guide. 

Pisces - Father of Cups

I navigate emotional waters with ease and lead others through their own emotional depths.  

Aries - Knight of Wands + Justice

I effortlessly live in the moment now so that I have the clarity to make big decisions when important choices come my way.

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