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October Tarotscopes

See what the tarot has to say for your star sign this month. We’re kicking off with the birthday babes, Libras!

Libra – Happy solar return to the zodiac’s peacekeeper. This month is not about maintaining the status quo. It’s time to step up and implement necessary endings. It might feel awkward to leave people and places behind, but there’s a new path ahead. You can’t be on the shore and setting sail at the same time, and the risk of hitting the open seas is well worth the reward. 

Since it’s your birthday I pulled a theme card for the next year and it is Strength. No matter the highs and lows this year brings, you have the tools to navigate it with grace and compassion. Last year you may have dealt with betrayal, but don’t let those experiences close your heart. You are most yourself when you’re open and allow your love to shine on everyone you meet. If you find yourself in a jam this year let the mantra, “I am strong,” be your guiding force because you’re the perfect combination of strength and sweetness.

Scorpio – It’s time to close this year out with a lot of clarity and strength. You’ll be tested to make some tough calls this month and the effects will echo into the future. This is not the time for sentimentality. Your rational mind is your friend as you painstakingly weigh the pros and cons before making a move. It might be tempting to go for the quick win or the alluring option, but instead, be righteous and move with integrity. Make sure you account for the bigger picture and all those impacted by your next steps.

Sagittarius – This shift of seasons has you feeling more like your majestic self. Your creative and spiritual juices are flowing, but they’re not ready to be shared with the world just yet. Share your ideas with your boo, a close friend, or mediate with them a little longer. Keeping it close to the chest lets the energy build and become more potent for when it’s unleashed. The world can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking up!

Capricorn – I hate to be reductive, but this month Capricorn it’s all about the money. New streams of revenue may flood in, or you might be granted a windfall out of nowhere. Your instinct may be to fend away anyone who wants a piece of your pie. However, the lesson here is generosity. Donate to a cause you respect, take your crew out for a nice meal, or surprise a friend with a gift. As you share the wealth you’ll be surprised that the money keeps on rolling in.

Aquarius – This is a powerful month for you, Aquarius. You’ve set yourself up to be in a very solid position due to your hard work and organization. Now you get to run free as you unabashedly enjoy the positive results of your careful planning and maturity. Even though it’s a peak time, there might also be some undercurrents of grief due to missing people who can’t be with you to enjoy this time, or pains while reflecting about how hard it was to get here. Make a little space for these emotions but don’t let them derail your joy.

Pisces – You’ve gotta fight, for your right, to BALANCE! As much as you’re trying to go with the flow and find your balance, the world might keep trying to knock you off-kilter. It’s time to raise your sword and fend off anyone or anything trying to f*ck with your flow. Have ruthless decrement about where you place your energy and fortify yourself so you’re not so susceptible to outside influences. You and only you are the dominant force in your life.

Aries – There’s a huge part of you that doesn’t fear action, but somehow you might be feeling a bit stagnant. It’s time to move on from whatever keeps you emotionally stuck and to take action towards what lights you up in a major way. Look for a job shift that will get you more in alignment with your passions, or make changes regarding your physical body or space that will help you feel more connected with yourself and your higher power. This is a month of making moves.

Taurus – It’s good to be a Taurus this month, that’s for sure! It’s all about L-O-V-E and the romantic kind. If you’re coupled up, make lots of time for your significant other. Instead of Netflix and chill, book a special night out that ends with an even more special night in. If you’re flying solo, it’s a great time to let your intuition guide your dating choices. Your inner wisdom is clear AF. Let it direct you to your special someone.

Gemini – Invest as much as you can into your personal relationships this month, Gemini. Don’t just roll with your same crew. Make time to visit with people from all ages and walks of life as you never know which connection will lead to something special. These interactions will fuel you and help you appreciate the richness and diversity of those around you.

Cancer – If this summer has felt like a series of battles, there’s still a little further to go before you can put your guard down. Be aware of those who surround you and investigate who might be selling you snake oil or half-truths – especially those who are closest to you. This month it’s ok to use your shell as armor, it’s there to protect you when you need it. Just don’t get too comfy in there. The world needs your heart.

Leo – Do you ever get the feeling you’re in the same place you thought you evolved out of, but then it circles right back around. You might want to yell, “Oh, no! Not this again!” This is the theme of October for you, Leo. But here’s the rub. You’re not “here” again. You’re in a new place even though it looks familiar and even if the place is the same – YOU aren’t! Glean the amazing pearls of wisdom in your current situation and enjoy it because it’s your last (or second to last) time here. 

Virgo – Don’t let your mind get in the way of your fun this month, Virgo! It’s a great time to let loose and party a bit. Even if you think there’s not enough time for fun, enjoyment is the perfect medicine to get you out of your head and into your heart. Also, make a list (because I know you love lists!) of all of the accomplishments you attained last month both big and small and do a little something to celebrate those wins.

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