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Pragmatic Tools for Stepping into Your Mission with Mary Margaret Skelly | Jan 19

Come with your open questions about how you can bring more of your true self to work. Leave with clear, practical ideas around how you can more fully align your higher self with the work you do. 

Sometimes, it's truly time to quit your day job and follow a dream. Other times, however, subtle shifts can create quantum positive changes in our day-to-day. You deserve to do work you enjoy in a supportive setting. Often, this does not require a massive life overhaul, but rather, a shift in mindset and priorities.

The mere presence of a fulfilled, creative and multidimensional person in the workplace can uplift countless others. But we can't affect change on a massive scale alone. A more expansive and enjoyable working life is imagined and created step by step in a community with people who are similarly interested in evolving. 

Investing in the support required to cultivate a fulfilling work life is a gift to everyone around us.

Join us in the movement to elevate the workplace. 

Date: Sunday, January 19th

Time: 1:00 pm EST

Price: $40

Location: Meet at Modern Mystic Shop and then the group will be escorted to the Modern Mystic Shop HQ in the Industrious offices on the same floor.

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