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Am so happy that my first order from Modern Mystic arrived ! :) I couldn’t wait to try them out! I am truly so happy I discovered your store! I can’t wait to try the other products and to listen to your podcasts!

Kelly C.
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Made a purchase from their website recently and I was very pleased with the experience. Their products are high quality and I received multiple friendly emails about my purchase. I would definitely shop with them again.

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I purchased two Tarot decks from their website. It was simple and easy to use. What impressed me most was their after-purchase follow up. I received a confirmation, a shipping notice and the most lovely email from the owner of the shop thanking me for my purchase. It’s little touches like that which make me seek out and buy from small, local businesses. Even though I live in NYC, I’ll be a repeat customer of this magical gem!

Jahweh D.
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Excellent customer service and wonderful selection of crystals!

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Resource Yourself with Massage Therapist Christine Legnon

Posted by Team Modern Mystic on

Resource Yourself with Massage Therapist Christine Legnon

Edited and Adapted by Lauren Kelley

We are honored that the Modern Mystic community often asks us for recommended healers. It is with pleasure that we introduce Resource Yourself, a curated, publicized list of these healers, for you, Modern Mystics.

In this Resource Yourself series, we interview and feature each of these healers, one at a time. Below we interview Massage Therapist, Christine Legnon.


Modern Mystic Shop: How do you explain to others what you do?

Christine Legnon: I am a massage therapist and business owner with over 12 years experience in the field.


Modern Mystic Shop: Tell us a little about your story. How did you get introduced to this healing work? When did you start your business?

Christine Legnon: My interest in massage started way back when I lived in New Mexico. I used to visit this woman who practiced out of an adobe in the middle of nowhere. She had a fireplace in her treatment room and a goat out back you could hang with [at your leisure]. I loved the experience of driving out into the mountains and entering this environment that made me feel loved and cared for by another human.

It was the bodywork itself, but also the totality of the ritual. I think this must be where Ritual Bodywork started - this experience of me taking care of myself and her taking care of me. I went to the Atlanta School of Massage after moving here in 2004. I began working for myself around 2008 and expanded to include others in 2015. Ritual Bodywork became a reality in 2016.


Modern Mystic Shop: What's your 'why'? What keeps you going, gets you out of bed every day?

Christine Legnon: These days it's the expansion of my business. I am moving into Grant Park soon and am in the process of planning and literally building a new space to practice. It's been a goal for a while and is very exciting. In a larger sense, the "why" is the opportunity to meet people where they are and help them get to where they want to be. It may sound trite, but there is a lot of truth to it. The difference in people's attitude and even physical appearance before and after a service is remarkable.


Modern Mystic Shop:  Do you consider yourself a 'Modern Mystic?' If so, how do you define being a Modern Mystic? 

Christine Legnon: Sure I am - to me it means being a relatable outlet for the energy and spirit that exists around us. It is the belief that there is a world beyond what we can see and a power to be drawn from that world. To me a modern mystic incorporates these beliefs into the day to day, matter of factly. We have such a great community in Atlanta, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Modern Mystic Shop: We'd love to know, do you have a favorite or go-to Modern Mystic Shop product?

Christine Legnon: My go-to product would have to be the candles. I am really into the ritual candles: the New Moon Candle, Full Moon Candle, and Road Opening Candle. They help me set intention and to harness the power I mentioned earlier. Plus they smell great!



To connect with Christine Legnon:


Email Address:

Location: 900 Dekalb Ave. Suite 400, Atlanta, Georgia, 30307

Phone: 470-799-6145

IG handle: @ritualbodywork

Modern Mystic Shop

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