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Am so happy that my first order from Modern Mystic arrived ! :) I couldn’t wait to try them out! I am truly so happy I discovered your store! I can’t wait to try the other products and to listen to your podcasts!

Kelly C.
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Made a purchase from their website recently and I was very pleased with the experience. Their products are high quality and I received multiple friendly emails about my purchase. I would definitely shop with them again.

Jennifer G.
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I purchased two Tarot decks from their website. It was simple and easy to use. What impressed me most was their after-purchase follow up. I received a confirmation, a shipping notice and the most lovely email from the owner of the shop thanking me for my purchase. It’s little touches like that which make me seek out and buy from small, local businesses. Even though I live in NYC, I’ll be a repeat customer of this magical gem!

Jahweh D.
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Excellent customer service and wonderful selection of crystals!

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Resource Yourself with Reiki Master Dara Metcalfe

Posted by Team Modern Mystic on

Resource Yourself with Reiki Master Dara Metcalfe

Edited and Adapted by Lauren Kelley

We are honored that the Modern Mystic community often asks us for recommended healers. It is with pleasure that we introduce Resource Yourself, a curated, publicized list of these healers, for you, Modern Mystics.

In this Resource Yourself series, we interview and feature each of these healers, one at a time. Below we interview Reiki Energy Worker and Master Teacher, Dara Metcalfe.


Modern Mystic Shop: How do you explain being a "Reiki Energy Worker'?

Dara Metcalfe: I am a Reiki Energy Worker & Reiki Master Teacher. I hold ceremonial style class offerings as a space for people to awaken their Intuition & to court their own inner Healing Artist.


Modern Mystic Shop: Tell us a little about your story. How did you get introduced to this healing work? When did you start your business?

Dara Metcalfe: A lot of people discover Reiki when they are looking for healing. When conventional healing practices stop working or never really resonated to begin with. And that is how I found Reiki. I was in the midst of trauma healing and recovery and looking for ways to heal outside of traditional talk therapies. Talk therapy has always been very beneficial in my life, and I highly recommend it for everyone, but what wasn't resonating for me about it was that I found I often left those sessions feeling raw and wide open and needing something more. That is when I found a teacher to study movement therapy with, and she introduced me and attuned me to Reiki in 2003.

Being attuned to Reiki and practicing Reiki on myself helped me through all of those raw and intense moments of healing that happen AFTER you leave your therapist's office. I felt that Reiki became this magical healing tool I could wield whenever I needed. It gave me a profound sense of empowerment in my own healing. I felt like Reiki landed with resonance at the exact perfect moment in my life, as it tends to do actually, and changed my views on what my healing journey would look like entirely. And this deeply inspired me to share Reiki with others.

So I became a Reiki Practitioner in 2003, which then then led me to Massage school with a focus on Asian Bodywork and Chinese Medical Massage to continue my study of Energetic Healing, and I graduated and began my practice in 2005. Later I studied to become a Certified Transformational Life Coach which I now weave in to my Reiki sessions. And about five years ago now, I co-created a healing Center with Abby Ellis called Future Perfect Massage in Cabbagetown where I take Reiki clients, teach Reiki classes, and we have a whole host of other amazing healers that practice now out of our center.


Modern Mystic Shop: What's your 'why'? What keeps you going, gets you out of bed every day?

Dara Metcalfe: I teach because I believe in self-empowerment when it comes to healing. I love witnessing people truly discover self-trust. I love helping people awaken and attune with their own personal gifts, and learn that, YES, even they too are an Intuitive person and a Healer. Being a witness to this process makes my heart literally soar.


Modern Mystic Shop:  Do you consider yourself a 'Modern Mystic?' If so, how do you define being a Modern Mystic? 

Dara Metcalfe: I have always loved Kelley's use of the words Modern Mystic together because it conveys a feeling of the power behind evolving and expressing yourself in the magic of your own Time. It asks how we adapt to our shifting, wild world. 

Modern Mystic Shop: We'd love to know, do you have a favorite or go-to Modern Mystic Shop product?

Dara Metcalfe: I really love how Modern Mystic Shop is such a great resource for people to explore or dive deeper into their magical selves. Especially the Sunday School offerings.


To connect with Dara Metcalfe:


Email Address:

Location: 226 Powell St. SE Atlanta, GA 30316

Phone: 678-296-8989

IG handle: @castspells_atl

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