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We are {soft} Opening

Hello, customers! We've missed you.

We've taken a lot of time and consideration regarding how we are going to proceed as a business, and we've decided to {soft} open on Wednesday, May 20th.

Soft opening to us means limited hours, days of the week, and a number of customers permitted in the store. 

Click here for the full video explanation from our CEO, Kelley Knight.

There are many changes we're enforcing to ensure we offer a safe and responsible shopping experience.

  • Waitlist kiosk - we are limiting the number of people (including staff) that can be in the store at one time to 8. Therefore, we have a waitlist kiosk to secure your spot in line and will notify you via text when it's your turn to enter. CLICK TO JOIN THE WAITLIST.
  • Hand Sanitizer - Customers will be required to use hand sanitizer prior to entering.
  • Masks - We will be wearing masks and we require customers to do the same. Please bring your own mask when you come to visit.
  • Social distancing - We will have a specific store flow so that paths don't cross as well as enforcing 6 feet of distance between people in the store. This will be indicated by floor stickers.
  • Cashless - For now, we will not be taking cash, the terminal will be customer-facing, and receipts will be emailed.
  • PPE - Our staff will be wearing face shields and/or masks, gloves, and aprons. They will be keeping their hands sanitized regularly.
  • Sanitizing  - We will be using UVC light at checkout to cleanse your products. We will also be using that light and cleaning supplies to disinfect throughout the day. Every night we will clean the entire store.
  • Tarot Readings - Will remain virtual and can be BOOKED HERE.
  • Sunday School - Will remain virtual and you can join us on Zoom HERE.

We understand that there will be mixed feelings regarding this decision. We also know that we have built a rapport of trust with you and that you will choose to continue to support us in whatever way feels most comfortable in the coming weeks and months.

In this time of uncertainty, the one thing we are sure of is the love and care we feel for, and receive from, our Atlanta community.

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