Clear Quartz Water Bottle


All Chakras | Amplifying | Clarifying | Concentration | Activating | Divinity

Create a crystal elixir with our glass and bamboo Source Crystal Water Bottle.

Fill the bottle with purified water, allow the water to be infused with the crystal's energy, and drink!

  • Bottle comes apart for easy cleaning. 
  • Holds about 18 ounces of water
  • Each crystal is different and will vary slightly, but are all safe to drink
  • Closures open from the top and the bottom for easy cleaning 
  • Water bottle is made of glass, closures are bamboo and plastic, and the crystal is wired into a stainless steel holder
  • Glass is dishwasher safe (the other parts should be hand washed)
  • Glass is fragile, so please use the protective sleeve

(If the crystal looks like it's out of the secure holder, please note it can be reattached.)

About Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is the gateway crystal for many folks just starting out on their journeys with healing stones. It's also referred to as the supreme gift of Mother Earth, so it's probably worth stocking up on one. Clear quartz is amplifying and clarifying, capable of activating all your chakras and perfect for using in a crystal grid as it levels up the healing power of the surrounding stones. It also calls in intellectual clarity and improves concentration and memory."

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