Maker - CIVAL Collective

CIVAL Collective is an eclectic jewelry design company, studio space and boutique. Their designs are conceived and created by hand in their cozy studio in Milwaukee, WI. Made with purpose, evoking a strong sense of self expression and creative awareness—making striking, durable designs that bring with them a stroke of confidence. 

Cival was established in 2013 out of a desire for financial and creative independence while Rae, the founder, was working in creative positions in the corporate world. Upon moving to Milwaukee and wrapping up her first show she felt confirmation from the creative community that this was the place to establish her roots.  

Rae brings together a team of women with backgrounds in art, fashion and retail, who are bold and collaborative. Their process serves as a demonstration of what’s possible when we each love, respect, and encourage each other’s talents.The brand and its designs hold unexpected personality born out of instinct, strength, and craftsmanship. 

Over the last five years the business has grown into a brick and mortar retail boutique with adjoining studio. 

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