Pyrite Gemstone Bar Studs


Some people call this crystal "Fool's Gold," but don't be fooled. Pyrite is a powerful healing stone and symbol of luck and prosperity. It resonates with fire energy (and can actually be used to start a fire when struck against metal), making it great for calling in more vitality, self-confidence, and boldness. Pyrite is also protective, shielding the auric field against negative energies and psychic attack. And it's helpful in re-balancing the power dynamics if you have a crappy partner who's overbearing or controlling.


These beautiful Genuine Moonstone gems are custom cut into faceted bars and wrapped in these original bezel wrapped style in your choice of metal to create a modern pair of studs worthy of notice. These natural white stones have an ethereal glow to them, making a simple stud earring a little extra special. Turn them upward and wear them as ear climbers as well! 

Wrap and post are both 14k Gold Fill 

Pyrite bars - 14mm long

Posts extend from about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the stone

Studs come with both matching metal ear nuts and hypoallergenic rubber backs

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