Source Crystal Water Bottle Rose Quartz

Source Crystal Water Bottle Rose Quartz

Source Crystal Water Bottle Rose Quartz

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Create a crystal elixir with our glass and bamboo Source Crystal Water Bottle. Fill the bottle with purified water, allow the water to be infused with the crystal's energy, and drink! The bottle comes apart for easy cleaning.

  • Holds about 18 ounces of water
  • Each crystal is different and will vary slightly
  • We have clear quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz available. All are safe to drink.
  • The water bottle is made of glass, closures are bamboo and plastic, and the crystal is wired into a stainless steel holder.
  • Closures open from the top and the bottom for easy cleaning
  • The glass is dishwasher safe and the other parts should be hand washed
  • If the crystal looks like it's out of the secure holder, please note it can be reattached.
  • The glass is fragile so please use the protective sleeve

About Rose Quartz

As Hugh Grant would say, love actually is all around with this sweet pink stone. Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love, self-esteem, and self-worth. It provides comfort and fosters compassion, tenderness, and empathy.

Rose quartz increases your ability to both give and receive love. It's a crystal for love rituals, for forgiveness, for dispelling fear, resentment, and jealousy.

Use rose quartz to stimulate the heart chakra and to aid in the healing of painful emotional wounds.


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what our customers are saying

I am so happy that I came across the website

Hi there I am so happy that I came across the website and get to support. I am def feeling better with my bracelet and crystals. I hope they continue to heal me. 

Yetzel E. | 09/18/19

I am in love with your products!!!

I am in love with your products!!!  I use my protection candle every day when I meditate. Also, I carry my stones with me everywhere.  I can’t wait for my new order to arrive!!  Thank you for taking the time for that email. I tell everyone about your shop. 

Caitlin M. | 09/25/19

I really appreciate what you all are doing

I really appreciate what you all are doing, I stumbled on this site while looking for businesses to support who utilize after-pay and now I feel like this finding was divine. I am grateful for being led here.

Niki J. | 02/12/20

I'm so happy I discovered your store

Am so happy that my first order from Modern Mystic arrived ! :) I couldn’t wait to try them out! I am truly so happy I discovered your store! I can’t wait to try the other products and to listen to your podcasts!

Penelope | 11/6/19

Good vibes here

Good vibes here, prices aren't too crazy either.

Madison J. | 06/05/19


I purchased, it arrived, I sprayed.... same day got called for an interview and hired on the spot for an amazing hourly WAGE!!! THANK YOU guys for being so incredibly and sharing your gifts and knowledge with us!!

Jillian J. | 9/23/19

Very pleased with the experience

Made a purchase from their website recently and I was very pleased with the experience. Their products are high quality and I received multiple friendly emails about my purchase. I would definitely shop with them again.

Kelly C. | 04/14/19

Vibe is cool

This place has various stones/crystals. The vibe is cool though

Yusraa T. | 03/27/19


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    Source Crystal Water Bottle Rose Quartz

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