Maker - Modern Mystic Shop in collaboration with Five15

Modern Mystic Shop in collaboration with Five15

Brandon and Kelley Knight are the couple behind the magic of Modern Mystic Shop. They've both spent years developing themselves and finding their own spiritual paths. The products they make and curate reflect their desire to help empower seekers along the way.

For these products Modern Mystic Shop collaborated with Five15:

"Five15 is an accessories and apparel shop based in Vancouver, BC. All of our products have a message and were created for feminists, animal lovers and positive people. While Five15 was founded hoping to connect with others with designs that people love, a core purpose has always been to give back. Because of that, our proceeds will continue to support non-profits, such as animal rescues and social justice/female advocacy groups."

- Angie Quintanilla Coates, Vancouver, BC

Modern Mystic Shop in collaboration with Five15's Products

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