Clara Necklace: Labradorite/blue kyanite


Modern stacked brass bars over natural stone.

Labradorite is like your friend at the bar that keeps running interference on the guy that won't leave you alone. It's a protective stone, one that shields and defends your aura from bad energies that don't serve you. Indigenous people believed laboradorite fell from the Northern Lights, and that it bridges the divide between the known and the mystical. It's a stone for the seer, one that can help open your third eye, and increase your intuition and psychic ability. Labradorite can also assist you in overcoming addiction and other bad habits.

Kyanite sounds a lot like Kryptonite, but instead of making you sick or weak, this mineral acts an instant chakra balancer (yes, please). One of the few self-cleansing stones, kyanite doesn't hold on to energies in its field and can help you cleanse other stones. Blue kyanite is associated with the throat chakra, and can help to bring forward honesty and clear communication. Blue kyanite is also helpful for intuition and dream recall, which means you'll finally be able to use that dream journal.

Masterfully paired and securely suspended on a golden brass ring. 25mm brass open ring. Labradorite with blue kyanite 14mm round and 8mm stacked stone. Green agate with faceted pyrite 14mm round and 8mm stacked stone.

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