Audra Necklace


Find balance and neutralize negative energy with this stunning quartz and tourmaline faceted stone. 

Clarity and grounding. That's what ya get with a tourmalated quartz. Like the name implies, tourmalated quartz contains threads of tourmaline inside amplifying clear quartz. This means you can use it for both grounding and protection, and amplification and increasing conscious awareness. It's a crystal that can help you feel safe and steady as you travel your spiritual path. Tourmalated quartz is also great for those doing shadow work, and looking to integrate their shadow selves as they heal.

Finest quality UK manufactured 1.5mm satellite chain measuring 32" and finished as a slip over design with fine detail accent beads.

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Maker - CIVAL Collective

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CIVAL Collective

CIVAL Collective is an eclectic jewelry design company, studio space and boutique. Their designs are conceived...

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