Monday August 20 - Tarot, I Ching, or Astrology Readings with Odin McEvoy

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Monday August 20 - Tarot, I Ching, or Astrology Readings with Odin McEvoy

  • $45.00

Odin offers Astrology, I Ching, and Tarot readings in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Odin aims to find the most simple path to clarity and clients leave with something they can work with as time goes on. All you need to bring is your curiosity to learn and experience so you can find what is being revealed to you.

Astrology readings require the client to know their natal birth time/date/and place. The entire chart will be looked at and as many aspects as possible will be covered, while usually focusing on one or two specific aspects the client is particularly curious about. Transit readings (chart of the current moment overlaid upon the natal chart), solar return (birthday charts - what to look forward to in the coming year), synastry, and composites (relationship charts) are also available. Again, all of these readings require accurate birth date from the querent, including for the other person or persons we are calculating for in relationship charts.

Astrology readings must be booked 48 hours in advance so that a natal chart can be created. Astrology readings are NOT available on a walk-in basis. If you book an astrology reading, please include time, date, and location of birth in 'special instructions' at check out.

I Ching readings are great for asking a direct question and getting a direct answer. Think of it like a conversation happening in real time between you, your ancestors, and the cosmos at large. Questions can be as specific or as abstract as needed - such as “What is happening in my big toe?” all the way to abstractions like “Who am I?” Avoid yes or no questions or anything that involves a moralization of the topic or desired outcome - in other words, no “should” questions. I Ching is particularly pointed in its answers which can be both very helpful and, at times, very confronting!

Tarot is a book about you being read to you from the universe/Spirit/Higher Power. It offers us a set of symbols and archetypes in endless combination connecting various parts of our lives into a whole picture.

All readings are 30 minutes for $45. If you would like more time, please book successive appointments. Please note if you are more than 5 minutes late, you forfeit your reading. No cancellations.

Please include the type of reading you would like in the 'special instructions' at check out.


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