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Inhale Exhale Enamel Pin


The future feels uncertain for many of us, the world is shifting rapidly, and the collective unconscious is in the middle of a massive rebirth.

This pin is a simple reminder that sometimes the only thing to do about any of that... is just to breathe.

This design is a result of a collaboration with Jasmine Marie, founder of black girls breathing, a space created for Black Womxn to manage their mental health via meditational breathwork.

Printed through Tower Press, all proceeds go directly to Jasmine in support of her goal to bring the importance of breathwork to the forefront.

Next time you're feeling stress and seeking rest - inhale, exhale, repeat, and see what shifts.

Incorporate mindful breathing into your daily world with this pin and learn more about black girls breathing here.

A Note on Breathwork: "Breathwork helps to recalibrate the nervous system and ease anxiety. This is especially important for black women who are so often asked to carry the world on their shoulders and not given the space to rest." - Morgan Ashley, Atlanta General Manager

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Inhale Exhale Enamel Pin

Inhale Exhale Enamel Pin