Bright Ideas and Dark Thoughts Duo Notebooks


Who doesn’t love a pocket notebook?! We’ve made notebook duos that highlight the duality of life, each with a pep talk inside.

Bright Ideas Sneak Peek: "Being a Modern Mystic doesn't mean love and light. It means unabashedly embracing the depth and duality of the human experience. Some days you're full of bright ideas and other times you can't keep the dark thoughts at bay. These notebooks give you space to express both and all the gradients in between." #IAMAMODERNMYSTIC

Dark Thoughts Sneak Peek: "Dark days are hard. They get even harder if you play the shame game for having the negative thoughts at all. Being a Modern Mystic means snuggling close with your shadow and thanking it for showing you where you may need a little more healing. Use these pages to get in touch with your dark side. We'll wait." #IAMAMODERNMYSTIC

Each notebook LxW is 3.875x5.5 inches.

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