CBD Gummy Bears

Liv Well LLC

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Unlike THC (the psychoactive component of the marijuana plant) CBD doesn't get you high, but it does have the bad ass ability to reduce anxiety, which in turn helps reduce sleep difficulties and can completely improve your sleep quality.  
Google it! Seriously, There’s tons of really interesting research that won’t fit into an Instagram post. 
We are beyond psyched to offer these Liv Well Gummy Bears to Y'all. Most CBD is cut with hemp, and that kind of dulls its sparkle. 
So... *puts on a lab coat*... These gummies are made form a hybridized strain of marijuana to make it CBD rich so that the full spectrum alkaloids of the plant are strong and the terpenes (bonus effect) can be felt. 
It’s basically the Balenciaga of the CBD world. High quality, more effective with 10-12mg of CBD in each bear. 
Instead of rocking dark circles and droopy eyelids, you'll be rocking a pillow-creased face with pride. Get your snooze on!

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