Gratitude and Attitude Duo Notebooks


Who doesn’t love a pocket notebook?! We’ve made notebook duos that highlight the duality of life, each with a pep talk inside.

Gratitude Sneak Peek: "Being a Modern Mystic doesn't mean love and light. It means unabashedly embracing the depth and duality of the human experience. Some days you feel gratitude and some days you cop an attitude. These notebooks give you space to express both and all the gradients in between." #IAMAMODERNMYSTIC

Attitude Sneak Peek: "Sometimes shit gets hard and patience wears thin. We feel you. Being a Modern Mystic means getting these feelings out in a productive way instead of painting them over with pink paint. Here are pages for you to do just that: express yourself." #IAMAMODERNMYSTIC

Each notebook LxW is 3.875x5.5 inches.

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