Journaling + Feminine Energy Workshop with Alyssa Kuzins

Journaling + Feminine Energy Workshop with Alyssa Kuzins

Through her own heartbreak, Alyssa Kuzins, founder of The Journal Deck, learned what it meant to live and lead fully from your feminine power, thus finding the courage to be unapologetically you.

A former overachiever, Alyssa is dedicated to helping women rediscover their feminine energetic qualities in a culture that promotes doing more, having more, and going faster.

In this workshop, you will circle to discuss the science of slowing down to journal and write, as well as analyze what "divine feminine" really means. You'll also utilize journaling prompts, intuitive guided dance, and meditation to tap back into your feminine power.

Don't miss this powerful, limited space workshop that will help lead you back to your divine feminine by allowing you to work through any blocks to living fully in the freedom of your feminine power!

The workshop is on July 14th at 2:00 inside Ponce City Market at Industrious on the 2nd floor. Alyssa will be bringing along copies of The Journal Deck available for purchase by workshop attendees.

To learn more about Alyssa and the amazing work she is doing to support women who have experienced domestic violence, check out The Goddess Give Back Program here: