Moon Potion


A very special collaboration from two of our favorite people, Dori Midnight and Sarah Gottesdiener.

They have created three potions representing three phases of the moon - dark, new and full - to help with spell work, rituals, invocation, or whatever you may need a particular phase’s support with.

DARK MOON - Trust in what cannot be seen. Release & renewal.

NEW MOON - Ready & willing. Sowing seeds to be planted inside of a heart’s desire.

FULL MOON - Abundance. Shining gratitude. Harvesting gifts.

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  • DARK MOON - grey moonstone, smoky quartz, witch hazel, black tourmaline, ghost pipe, black birch & Dark moon kelp in honey brandy.
  • NEW MOON - pink moonstone, laboradorite, golden birch, blackberry, milkweed seed, New moon peach bud & forsythia in snow melt honey brandy.
  • FULL MOON - rainbow moonstone, white precious opal, silver, naked lady, mugwort, white burch & Full moon whale songs in honey brandy.
Maker - Dori Midnight

Created By

Dori Midnight

"I practice community-based intuitive healing that weaves plant and stone medicine, ancestral and queer magic,...

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