Our Tarot


Local Atlanta artist, Sarah Shipman was inspired to combine her two of her favorite interests: Tarot and women's history. Each card in Our Tarot is inspired by the traditional meanings of the mystic Tarot. Not only that, but each card is represented by a woman (or women) who has used her life to change the world. Just like the archetypes in traditional Tarot decks, the women of Our Tarot are complicated, flawed, and multifaceted. Some of the women are heroic, some are not. Some are considered beautiful, while others were never highly regarded for their appearance. Some come from privileged backgrounds, while others were born into adversity. 

Sarah hopes that Our Tarot will not only be used for intuitive guidance, but for inspired education. By connecting with the real-life women showcased in this deck, you may find yourself drawn to their images and their stories. By learning about their lives, you might learn even more about yourself.

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