Zodiac Crystal Kit - Earth


Career | Kundalini Rising | Concentration | Focus | Supportive Transformation | Communication | Stability

Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Modern Mystic Zodiac Kits contain a hand-selected assortment of crystals to compliment and balance each of the zodiac elements.

Earth signs, you hard working grounded creatures, we've got just the crystals for you.

Serpentine: Serpentine stones are like Wonder Woman's bracelets, shielding you from negativity all the while bringing delicious positivity into your life. Serpentine doesn't ""suck up"" the negative energy like a vacuum, instead, it creates a boundary between you and other people that is impermeable to malicious intent, so use it when you feel like your psyche is under attack. Serpentine can be an excellent tool to improve your career in a competitive industry as it will keep those one-uppers and saboteurs away. Serpentine is also a wonderful stone to use when you’re entering into a new relationship. It will filter through those f*#kboys that only wanna love you and leave you to find the souls who have values that align with yours. Hells yes! It’s also an amazing stone to tune in and turn up your Kundalini energy. So Kundalini yogis could use this to enhance their practice.

Fluorite: Known as the Genius Stone, fluorite can help increase concentration and aids in making difficult decisions. It's also an excellent aid for learning, so try putting it in your classroom or book bag. Fluorite wands also make excellent bookmarks, and are the perfect size for meditation and healing practices, as they clear up foggy minds and bring about balance, self-love, and creativity.

Peach Selenite: Life gets a lot peachier with this sherbet-colored stone. Peach selenite carries warm, transformative energy that helps you rise after tough times and start fresh. It works with you, offering supportive vibrations as you sort through old trauma and wounds, and is a great stone for when you're looking to part ways with the past. It's also got the same powerhouse amplifying and clearing energies of clear selenite, so include it in any crystal grid work to power up.

Amazonite: This Amazonite is a warrior woman in your pocket, full of courage and truth. It is as empowering as it is beautiful; providing soothing energy to calm irrational fears and temper aggression. Amazonite can align your chakras, and help communicate love and deep emotions, making it a perfect gift for a newly married couple. It can also provide comfort in hard times to anyone who feels a pull of loneliness.

Garnet: This deep red gem stimulates both the crown and root chakras, helping us feel more grounded and stable. It's a protective, confidence-boosting stone, reminding us to walk through the world as the powerful, capable bosses we are. Garnet helps you to see a crisis as a growing opportunity and helps get you out of a scarcity mindset. Because how are you going to conquer the world with your badassery if you're walking around feeling unsteady, unworthy, or insecure? No one's got time for that.

Each crystal is wonderfully unique. You will not receive the exact crystal pictured, but one of the same quality and size.

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