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Stone Healing Kits

  • $13.00

When you're ready to call in some baby magic, these stones aid in fertility to help make your mama making dreams come true.

Collection includes:

Carnelian - Red carnelian heals and restores all of your baby making bits, boosts sexual energy, and protects a young pregnancy. 

Green Aventurine - Used to promote fertility, this stone amplifies potency.

Moonstone - Moonstone is known as powerful fertility stone. It helps regulate moon cycles and as a bonus it's known to make wishes come true.

Rhodonite - Rhondonite keeps protective and nurturing vibes strong during pregnancy and during childbirth. This is one to keep on you through the entire process.

Rose Quartz - An overall pregnancy enhancer, rose quartz also keeps mama protected through the duration and child birth.

Unakite - This form of Jasper is popular among doulas because not only does it assist in getting pregnant, it aids throughout the pregnancy and birth.



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