Pocket Full of Emotional Healing Crystal Collection


Sometime life gives us a kick to the heart and we need a little support to heal what ails us. These beauts gracefully support emotional healing.

Kit includes:

Amethyst - This is the mother of all crystals. She'll help you quell anxiety, heart aches, stress, rage. You know, all the good stuff that comes with emotional stress.

Green Aventurine - Like a warm blanket, green aventurine comforts and protects the heart.

Moonstone - Known as a stone of emotional balance it helps you express instead of repress.

Unakite - You know when you really want to cuss someone out, but you know that you should rise above it? Grip your unakite as hard as you can and allow it to align your emotions with your highest self.

Rose Quartz - The most common stone related to the heart, rose quartz calls in compassion and peace when you need it most.

Rhodonite - When feeling emotionally wounded, this stone cultivates self love and compassion allowing you to heal and get back to center even during the most stressful of times.


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