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PRE-ORDER The Book of Ancestors Autographed with Gift

For Profound Ancestral Connection


This is a pre-order and will be shipped the week of 10/3! When you purchase from us you will get a signed copy, digital download tarot spread at the time of purchase, as well as a special gift from us.

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From the publisher:

"Picking up where The Book of Séances left off, artist, author, and witch Claire Goodchild delivers a guide that is truly the first of its kind: The Book of Ancestors, a map for seekers looking to develop a relationship with their ancestors.
Through a combination of text and illustration, 
The Book of Ancestors explores the history of traditional genealogy topics, such as “how to research and build a family tree” and “the history of cemeteries.” Alongside these practical measures, Claire provides rituals, spells, and crafts from her own personal practice, drawing on the British and Slavic traditions of her heritage, alongside contributions from fellow witches including Codi Popovich and Marjorie from The Punk Priestess for a broader, more enriched lens.

As the text progresses, Claire guides her readers through the creation their own “Book of Ancestors,” a family grimoire of sorts, blending together their own ancestral legacies with witchcraft that can be passed down to future family. Visually,
The Book of Ancestors pairs with The Book of Seances, containing witchy, esoteric, and funerary images in a Victorian style with lots of floral embellishments and classic colors. Whether a seasoned witch, or a newcomer to the spirit world, readers will walk away from The Book of Ancestors feeling empowered to perform their own rituals and spells, research family history, and form a lasting relationship with those who came before."

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PRE-ORDER The Book of Ancestors Autographed with Gift

PRE-ORDER The Book of Ancestors Autographed with Gift