Satcha Mala Pop Up!

August 17th + 18th

Ready to learn why Satcha Malas are so special? 

Want to create your own custom wrist mala using Satcha Malas sacred technology?

Sasha Korellis, the Founder of Satcha Malas, is joining Modern Mystic Shop to introduce her amazing mala technology to the Atlanta community. 

Her malas are thoughtfully and artfully crafted, each one hand knotted while a mantra is chanted, then spiritually cleansed with sage and a clearing meditation to enhance the vibration and intention of the mala.

Each mala is made from natural and sustainably harvested sandalwood and rudraksha seeds that come from India, precious and semi-precious curated crystals, and hand knotted with organic linen thread that is grown in Belgium and hand spun in Italy.

These malas transcend their singular use in meditation and transform into powerful technological tools of manifestation and healing.

She will have pre-made malas, as well as kits that allow you to craft your own custom wrist mala to lock in personal intentions. The mala kits will include various crystals, sandalwood, and rudraksha beads.

Stop by Saturday, August 17th or Sunday, August 18th to chat with Sasha about her amazing process, check out these one of a kind malas in person, and have the chance make your own mala!