Saturday, February 24th 4:00-6:00 pm Road Opening Candle Magick with Brandon Knight

Modern Mystic Tarot

Magic Magick clas

  • $30.00

Learn the basics of sympathetic magick, as well as a comprehensive introduction to magickal practice, through a tried and true method of candle ritual with Brandon Knight. Each student gains the knowledge and materials needed to perform a sacred road opening ritual from home. Use this class to create a powerful ritual to help you remove any blocks from creating a reality or a goal that you love.  Having something to offer students of all levels from beginner to advanced, this intro to our birthright as human beings has had people from all walks and traditions leaving with new and usable information.  Areas covered in this class include:

- Our history and spiritual cosmology as human beings

- How to create powerful and anchoring altars/sacred spaces

- How to access the palpable energy we carry with us

- An introduction to the many allies we have available to us, but rarely utilize

- How best to approach intentionally altering our realities

- How to mentally and psychologically prepare for magick for the greatest effect

And much more. The Road Opening ritual is highly effective, being passed down to Brandon from a High Priestess in his coven with a Palo background.

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