Spiritual Self Mastery Program

Spiritual Self Mastery Program

Spiritual Self Mastery Program

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Hi there. More than likely, if you are reading this you have an interest in evolving yourself, and you're looking for the programs or experiences that can lead you to a greater experience of self mastery.

I've been there, and I still travel and seek to learn from some of the best transformation coaches, spiritual teachers, and psychologists I can find.

I ran into a lot of problems early on in my search though. Scammers and "internet experts" who claimed to offer real results with their teachings and offerings, but didn't really know what they were doing. The results I got from them were lackluster at best and left me with a hole in my wallet.

So, I learned what it meant to find the REAL masters in self development and spiritual growth. That is when I found the best programs and teachers that offered true results.

I know what a good program for self improvement looks like. I have been learning, and being a leader, in some of the best programs around for over 13 years now.

People sign up for this program for all kinds of reasons: making more money, better leadership skills at work, better relationships, to learn how to navigate the world of mysticism and magick, and much more.

This program is adaptive in that way too: It helps improve nearly any area of life that people are looking to grow stronger in.

What I have developed in my program is some of the best techniques and unique combinations of development you can find. I have done all the hard work for you because what I have put together actually works.

I know it can be tough to trust "gurus" and transformation coaches out there. The market is flooded with them. I don't claim to be either.

I just have studied and experienced enough from real experts to be able to guide you to the proven experiences you need that will teach and transform you.

I'm not out to get every person to sign up for this course. It is deep stuff and requires some commitment to the practices I will give each person.

If you are still interested, scroll down and read over the awesome results others have had so you can make an informed decision before you secure your spot in my program.


What participants have to say about this program and working with Brandon:

 “I’ve been working on self-improvement for some time now and, when I saw Brandon’s class, I signed wanting to explore a new avenue of spiritual growth. Having spoken with him many times in the shop I felt he was the right teacher for me and was extremely knowledgeable. I definitely got more than I could have hoped for! Not only did this class help me grow but it connected me to a true soul calling.  With his tutorship I have put a strong practice in place that has been life changing. I’ve grown so much in this six-week session and have made big, meaningful changes in my life. Brandon was able to read where I was at in my practice and give practical steps to move me forward.  This class has completely changed how I see my life and, has given me an outline for continued deep and truly magical growth.” ~ K.F.

"...I walked into the program as a skeptic, someone who actively avoided knowledge surrounding - and my own connection with - my birthright. However, I felt called to work with Brandon, and in six weeks' time, I have begun to acknowledge and truly accept my place in the energy world. This program was the first step for me, and the one-on-one design of the workshop allowed me to use the program in this way. It also allowed Brandon to talk about energy work and a spiritual practice in a way that best suited my prior understanding of the world. Whether you are already immersed in the knowledge of the magickal/spiritual world or, like me, a skeptic who needed to ground my belief first in physical science, Brandon is able to meet you where you are and offer guidance toward a practice that influences change in your real life..." ~ A.P.

"My profound experience of this spiritual self-mastery course during and after its completion, has sparked the many experiences, teachings, and ideas I needed in order to gain true clarity on life and existence. I can say without hesitation that I have benefited from this course by gaining a clearer understanding of our inherent natures and the importance of love, and acceptance." ~ K.C.

“I've been reading tarot cards for over twenty-three years, both professionally and personally. I thought that I had already tapped well into my abilities as an intuitive but turns out I was only skimming the surface of my abilities. Through ancestor and abundance ritual work with Brandon, I was able to enhance my mystic abilities to a level I never knew possible before, with no limits in sight. I look forward to working with him further to expand my understanding of the power that is my birthright in this lifetime.” ~ J.W.

“I went into Brandon’s program because I was desperately seeking guidance and a teacher. I knew that I wanted and needed more from my life, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I was not in a financial place to afford this class, but I felt I also couldn’t afford not to do it. So, I whipped out my credit card and signed up. And it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Working with Brandon has created big changes in my life and in my spiritual practice. I can see more clearly how the spiritual affects the physical. And not theoretically: my life has physically changed so much. I have also broken through blocks I didn’t even know were there. Though as a group, we all go through a similar syllabus, Brandon personalizes the experience for everyone in the group. And the changes and growth experienced go way beyond the six weeks. He gives you a foundation, so you are empowered to continue growing and getting in touch with your personal power. I know where I’m going now, and I am eternally grateful for this program.” ~ L.H.

"Taking the Spiritual Self Mastery course with Brandon was a very profound experience. At the end of 6 weeks I had many tools to add to my arsenal and heeding Brandon’s advice to 'focus on the ritual'  allowed me to connect more with my spiritual gifts and intuition. I finished the course feeling calm and confident and with a renewed sense of trust in our ability to truly create the lives and experiences we want for ourselves. It allowed me to dig deeper into ritual and magic than I ever had before and I discovered an immense sense of power and connection as a result!” ~ M.H.

“Working with Brandon has been an absolute joy! He is so knowledgeable and so wonderful to work with. My personal practice has grown so much in the short time that he and I have worked together, and I am extremely grateful for every minute of it. He is very supportive and respectful of each and every single person‘s individual journey, which means a lot to me. If you ever get a chance to take a class with Brandon, I sincerely hope that you do it. You will learn so much about yourself and you never knew, and you will be beautifully transformed. I am so grateful for my experience with him and I look forward to many more!” ~ K.R.

"I'm someone who tends to self-sabotage and hold myself back from the things I really want, and going through classes and intensive one-on-one work with Brandon was exactly what I needed to push me in the right direction. More importantly, this program helped me learn how to push myself. I started seeing results so quickly -- not only in my external interactions, but in my internal processing as well. My ability to hear my own intuition, receive the guidance offered to me, and identify the patterns that best serve me have all drastically improved. More clearly than ever, I can see the shape of my work and know what I need to do to keep developing it. Brandon provided knowledge, guidance, insight, tools, and resources aplenty, all of which have been invaluable. I'm more excited about my future than ever before thanks to his program." ~ R.M.

“Finding a local shaman to help me take my spiritual and magical practice to the next level has been a tremendous asset to me and my life.  While I have also been adept at manifestation and creating, having someone to guide me into ritual practice was a game changer. Brandon is talented, knowledge, and a true magician at helping his students discover the magic that resides within them.” ~ S.L.

“Brandon’s course revealed itself to me at a critical point of my journey where I found it difficult to access and connect to my own inner wisdom and the world around me. What is so unique about this course is Brandon is willing and able to meet you where you are currently while allowing the space, exploration, and practices to go deeper and discover true transformation and sense of self! I came out of the course having more direct and vibrant experiences that allowed me to really connect within and create shifts in my life where I previously remained stagnant and unknowing. Even during the group discussions, I gained perspective through other's challenges, experiences, and revelations. I have so much gratitude for Brandon and my course-mates.” ~ V.R.


  • 6 weeks of one-on-one coaching with Brandon benefiting from his expertise in ritual work, intuitive life coaching, shamanic practices, and integrative psychology.
  • A customized, ongoing practice that serves as the framework for moving you forward.
  • 5 group class sessions.
  • Resources that deepen and jettison your life beyond the program, and much more.

Do not check out through Modern Mystic Shop. Links to pay here:

Sign Up and Pay $1,400 in Full

Sign Up with a $375 Deposit and Payment Plan 

Payment plan is $375 deposit to hold your spot in class, and then 3 monthly payments of $375 on the 20th of the month.

Saturday Group Sessions:

TBD based on groups of six or more sign ups per cycle. Next cycle will start when the next group of six has paid for their spot.

1-on-1 Sessions:


I do allow for missing one week if needed for the one-on-ones, and then adding an additional date at the end of the course as a makeup time.


Coming Soon!


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I am so happy that I came across the website

Hi there I am so happy that I came across the website and get to support. I am def feeling better with my bracelet and crystals. I hope they continue to heal me. 

Yetzel E. | 09/18/19

I am in love with your products!!!

I am in love with your products!!!  I use my protection candle every day when I meditate. Also, I carry my stones with me everywhere.  I can’t wait for my new order to arrive!!  Thank you for taking the time for that email. I tell everyone about your shop. 

Caitlin M. | 09/25/19

I really appreciate what you all are doing

I really appreciate what you all are doing, I stumbled on this site while looking for businesses to support who utilize after-pay and now I feel like this finding was divine. I am grateful for being led here.

Niki J. | 02/12/20

I'm so happy I discovered your store

Am so happy that my first order from Modern Mystic arrived ! :) I couldn’t wait to try them out! I am truly so happy I discovered your store! I can’t wait to try the other products and to listen to your podcasts!

Penelope | 11/6/19

Good vibes here

Good vibes here, prices aren't too crazy either.

Madison J. | 06/05/19


I purchased, it arrived, I sprayed.... same day got called for an interview and hired on the spot for an amazing hourly WAGE!!! THANK YOU guys for being so incredibly and sharing your gifts and knowledge with us!!

Jillian J. | 9/23/19

Very pleased with the experience

Made a purchase from their website recently and I was very pleased with the experience. Their products are high quality and I received multiple friendly emails about my purchase. I would definitely shop with them again.

Kelly C. | 04/14/19

Vibe is cool

This place has various stones/crystals. The vibe is cool though

Yusraa T. | 03/27/19