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Star Spinner Tarot

Whimsical, inclusive and intricate


Vietnamese-American comic book artist and illustrator Trungles invites you into a starscape of fairies, mermaids, and angel imagery in his Star Spinner Tarot deck.

Created with inclusivity, diversity, and representation in mind, the ethereal art for the Star Spinner deck immerses readers and querents in the worlds of far-off fairytales from different cultures. At times fantastical, phantasmagorical, and familiar, this is a deck of whimsy and fantasy, where so many more of us are able to see and decipher the magic of our diverse stories.

Special features:
78-card deck
4 additional versions of the Lovers card to represent a wider, more inclusive range of romantic expression
160-page guide book

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Tarot cards have a specific structure of Major and Minor Arcana with suites, numbers, and archetypes that are mostly the same across all decks. Tarot spreads can vary from one card to twelve or more. The easiest way to start reading tarot is to pull one card as the theme of the day, every day to get to know the meanings of how the cards express themselves in day to day life.
Star Spinner Tarot

Star Spinner Tarot