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Sunday School: Tarot Cheat Sheet - Master the Minor Arcana in Minutes

In this class, Kelley Knight talks all things tarot. She starts off by leading the class through a meditation into the void -- which is the space she trains people to read from. Then, she goes through the tarot suits and numerology teaching how to cross-reference for meanings. She also shares her tarot grid for the minor arcana, which is the heart of her very special Tarot 101 class. It's a literal tarot cheat sheet helping you learn 40 cards in 60 minutes, which makes this class a MUST attend.

Click here to download the slideshow used during this class.

Click here to download the tarot grid Kelley references.

If you're wanting to embrace the energy of The Magician and develop your tarot skills further, check out our upcoming Tarot Tracks Workshop here!

If you're more in the energy of The Hermit, use code SUNDAYSCHOOL to get 25% off Kelley's Tarot 101 Home Study here.

About the Speaker:
Kelley Knight is a speaker who needs no introduction. She is the CEO and Founder of Modern Mystic Shop and the literal magic maker of this space. Kelley is a renowned tarot reader and the online host of the Sunday School at Modern Mystic Shop
podcast. She has been featured in Goop, Nylon, She’s Next Empowered by Visa, and Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 40 Under 40.

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