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Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing



100% of Modern Mystic Shop brand sprays, bath products, intention candles, and oils are made with organic ingredients that are non-GMM, non-toxic, cruelty free, vegan, and made in the USA in partnership with femme-identifying or non-binary owned businesses. 

Our taper spell candles are made with beeswax. The ingredients are fair trade and ethically sourced and our manufacturing partner works directly with a local apiary to obtain the organic white beeswax from the source. The wax is never pre-harvested to ensure the safe function of the bee hives.

Our brand of incense is sustainably sourced from the sacred land of Nepal. They are nontoxic, made with essential oil blends, and all natural binders



To us, ethically sourced means the crystals were mined in a humane way, with fair wages for the country of origin, and were purchased at a fair price for the cost of living in the region in which they were mined.


All of our crystals mined in the United States and Europe are ethically sourced by nature due to the high standard of labor laws in both regions.


100% of our crystals mined from Madagascar are also ethically sourced. The workers have 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. working hours, paid lunch breaks, per diem for food, paid time off, bonuses, overtime, and the observance of holidays. They have personal protective equipment. No underage individuals are employed.

All of our crystals are purchased from family-owned businesses, most are multi-generational. This means we personally know our vendors and are able to ask questions to have candid conversations about their sources and make sure they are ethically mined. 

Because they are made from scrap material and often from a variety of sources, we cannot confirm that all of our tumbled stones are ethically sourced. It is a challenge to track those pieces. If ethically sourced crystals are important to your values, we recommend forgoing tumbled stones and purchasing crystals from us that have the origin of the USA, Europe, or Madagascar to be certain those products align with your values.


For any inquiries or questions, email us at: hello@modernmysticshop.com.