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What our customers are saying

Absolutely love it

Fantastic shop!!! Absolutely love it, would drive back to the market just to go to this store

Stephanie D. | 08/19/19

My New Favorite Shop

I've found my new favorite shop. My sister & I visited for the first time & I absolutely fell in love with it. The young lady named Morgan was super helpful & had the most beautiful energy as did the shop.

Kandice W. | 08/26/19

Beautiful Stuff in the Store

Beautiful stuff in the store. The selection is small but it’s a beautiful space and nicely curated. It’s more expensive than other new age stores in the city so I didn’t buy much.

Jennifer M. | 04/04/2019

I will be back!

Went here yesterday for the first time and was a like a kid in the candy store. They have so many crystals, oils, mystical books, soaps and so much more. I'm not into witchcraft but I am very much into spiritual cleansing and this store has everything I needed under one roof. I will be back!

Tonisha S. | 9/3/2019

Thanks for making my shopping experience so easy

Thanks for making my shopping experience so easy and for making me feel valued. I love the quality of the products and not to mention the convenience of fast shipping you provide! I’m more than satisfied with my experience with your company. And the rituals really fuckin worked.

Serenity P | 10/17/19

Thanks for having a shop like this!

I felt the energy from the last crystal order and thought I need more lol. Thanks for having a shop like this!

Tyler W. | 10/28/19