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Modern Mystic Meditations Volume 1 Digital Album Download

Energetic and Emotional Alignment


Dive into the soundscape of Kelley Knight and Matty Vetter and traverse the recesses of your mind and energy body. These meditations are more than just guided visualizations. They are tools Kelley has used to shift and transmute energy to create more peace and harmony in any moment. 

These tracks are between 11 and 14 minutes long and create the frequency of transformation and healing.

Modern Mystic Meditations Volume 1

Track 1: Welcome
Track 2: Present Moment 
Track 3: Chakra Balance
Track 4: Lotus Flower
Track 5: Watcher's Call

Present Moment allows the listener to detach from the past and future, creating the optimal space to land in the present moment. It's perfect as a daily meditation, or prior to ritual work or reading so you can get into a neutral space.

Chakra Balance takes the listener through all seven chakras and resets the level of openness for the day. Ideal for energetically setting yourself up for a balanced and successful day. 

Lotus Flower connects you to ancestors, guides, angels and entire realm of unseen support. It's ideal for when you're feeling lonely, disconnected, or full of anxiety. 

The Watcher's Call guides you through calling in the archangels and the elements they represent. This process is used in many magickal traditions to cast a circle for ritual work, readings or meditation. 


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Modern Mystic Meditations Volume 1 Digital Album Download

Modern Mystic Meditations Volume 1 Digital Album Download