Get The F*ck Out Ritual Kit


rit·u·al - a spiritual or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.


Our Modern Mystic Shop ritual kits are a collection of sacred items coupled with very specific instructions that have been passed down as rites through magickal lineages. These rites are intended for you to engage in the energies in a very specific sequence that acts as the key to unlock certain energies within yourself and therefore command a specific result from the Universe. The oils are created on our behalf through a line of sorcerers who won’t even share these secret recipes with us, as secrecy is an important part of impactful magick.


It’s very important to follow these instructions carefully because plainly stated, this shit works. We want you to be able to move the energies in your life to help you align with what is most true to you. We believe wholeheartedly that ritual magick with these tools will do just that if followed exactly.   


Get the F*ck Out

This ritual is designed to protect you from and repel you away from unwanted people or energies.



Get the F*ck Out Ritual Oil

Three black candles

Small piece of tin foil

Salt Packet

Ritual instructions and sigil

Palo Santo stick


Protip: Light the Palo Santo stick and use the smoke to cleanse your auric field and ritual space before and after the ritual. And...we recommend cracking a window to allow any lower energies to leave the space.


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  • Get The F*ck Out Ritual Kit - Get the F*ck Out Ritual Oil, three black candles, small piece of tin foil, salt packet, ritual instructions and sigil, palo santo stick
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