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Sunday School: The Art of Adulting
In this class, Adela Raffa comes back to Sunday School to talk about adulting. Adela discusses navigating the inner & outer terrains of becoming an "Adult." She also shares the 5 keys to mindful self-parenting and how to explore, expand, and shift your parental paradigm. Regardless of your current age, this is a class that is beneficial for everyone.

About the Speaker:

Adela Raffa's passion is making powerful, positive change. She started with herself and now is equipped and able to help others embark on their transformational journey. She provides transformative tools & techniques to individuals, groups, communities and business organizations seeking growth & development. Her specialties are Gestalt therapy, NLP, Mindfulness and Awareness training. Adela is a teacher, trainer, speaker, workshop facilitator, healer & practitioner. She loves guiding people on their transformational journey. She spends much of her time on her own personal development. She's multi-cultural with expanded viewpoints and speaks several languages, including body-language (her superpower).

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