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These unique and gorgeous crystals all have their own energetic signature to aid in your personal expression, creativity, and ability to make your desires manifest. Create the experience you want with ease with the special crystal allies.

With this powerful, magickal collection you will be purchasing the exact crystal of your choice to assist being fully and wonderfully YOU.

Additionally, these products are here to support personal expression and manifestation.

Road Opener Ritual Kit - removes blocks to opportunity while calling in your desires
Sacral Chakra Roll On – Supports creativity and expression
Abundance Spray, candle and incense – Creates energetic shifts through tiny, daily rituals
Schemes Notebook – Creating the practical magick to get sh*t done

Every Thursday this month we will be releasing a limited number of rare or otherwise unique crystals hand selected by our founder, Kelley Knight, for online purchase only. These impressive stones are only available for a limited time and you are purchasing the specific crystal featured in the image you choose.