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Root Chakra Essential Oil Roll On

Enhances safety and security


This blend seamlessly grounds while providing protection and stability. Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is the foundation of your whole body. An unbalanced Root Chakra can manifest as feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and recklessness. When balanced, the Root Chakra aids in stabilizing energy, providing comfort and security, and bringing balance to the symptoms of the body.

Modern Mystic Shop Chakra Oils are premium blends of essential oils so that you can align the psychic energy centers of your body and breathe easy.


Full Ingredients

Organic Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and organic, food-grade fractionated coconut oil


Blue Tansy

Calm, Release Negativity, RelaxingBlue Tansy promotes a state relaxation of that allows one to release negativity.


King of Oils, Ritual Work, RejuvanationThis majestic resin creates depth in ritual work, sets a spiritually aware environment, and has an essence of rejuvenation.


Love, Deep Commitment, PassionUsed magickally, Rose evokes deep love, devotion and passion.



Resiliance, Strength, Moon MagicJust like the tree that flourishes in harsh environments, Spruce represents strength, resilience and is deeply connected to the Moon.


Place oil on chakra or pulse points to enhance the traits of the chakra.
Root Chakra Essential Oil Roll On

Root Chakra Essential Oil Roll On



Modern Mystic Shop essential oils are produced in Georgia, by a female owned business. They’re organic and made with high quality ingredients.