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Throat Chakra Essential Oil Roll On

Enhancing communication and expressing one's truth


This blend naturally opens the Throat Chakra bringing the seat of communication into balance. When unbalanced, the Throat Chakra can manifest as issues with communication and creativity, even physical symptoms of sore throat, hoarse voice, or thyroid issues. When in balance, the Throat Chakra supports authenticity, clear and effective communication, conflict resolution, and speaking the truth.

Modern Mystic Shop Chakra Oils are premium blends of essential oils so that you can align the psychic energy centers of your body and breathe easy.

Full Ingredients

Organic thyme, rosemary, peppermint, lemon, and organic, food-grade fractionated coconut oil



Cleaning, Enlivening, Mood LiftingLemon energetically elevates with its bright aroma.

Peppermint / Mint

Mental Clarity, Cleansing, DreamsPeppermint is a cleansing agent that creates mental sharpness and enhances dreams.


Love, Deep Commitment, PassionUsed magickally, Rose evokes deep love, devotion and passion.


Protection, Expelling Negative EnergyRosemary is used ritualistically to protect and expel negative energy.


Strength, Power, CourageThyme is best to bring in the energy of strength, power, and courage.


Place oil on chakra or pulse points to enhance the traits of the chakra.
Throat Chakra Essential Oil Roll On

Throat Chakra Essential Oil Roll On



Modern Mystic Shop essential oils are produced in Georgia, by a female owned business. They’re organic and made with high quality ingredients.